Starting School at Five

Starting school is an exciting time! Our Junior School is a warm, friendly and welcoming place, which encourages children to develop the skills they need to grow socially, emotionally and academically. Although it can feel daunting sending your child off to “big school”, there is a lot you can do to help prepare them.

There is no set list of what a child should be able to do when they start school, but supporting your child to develop social/emotional and self management skills is one of the best things you can do to help:

Social and Emotional Skills

Treating themselves and others with care - using good manners - taking turns/sharing/waiting - listening to others, speaking respectfully - confidence to have a go/try something new.

Self-Management/Personal Independence

Tidying up after themselves - taking responsibility for their belongings - carrying their own school bag (start when they are at pre-school) - opening lunch-boxes/food packets by themselves - using the toilet properly, blowing own nose - dressing themselves, putting shoes on/taking shoes off.

Cohort Entry Policy

Our school operates a cohort entry policy.  This means that new entrants (5 year olds) start on the cohort date after their 5th birthday.  Cohort entry dates are set by the Ministry of education each year.  In 2024 these entry dates are:

Term 1

31st January or 11th March

Term 2

29th April or 4th June

Term 3

22nd July or 26th August

Term 4

14th October or 18th November

Interested in enrolling your child?